Freelance photographer focusing in Documentary, Travel and Event.

Born and raised in Paris, France.

Initially inspired by a love for cinema, his passion for photography grew stronger as he started traveling. In 2011, looking for adventures and a new way of life, he decided to move to Australia. From there he traveled around Asia and Oceania for a couple of years. he had no particular goal but to explore and learn about cultures and lifestyles.

A rewarding and meaningful experience that led him back to the french capital, in 2013, to study photography. He enrolled at Speos Photographic Institute and graduated a year later with a specialisation in Photojournalism.

Mostly attracted to urban spaces and individuals faces, he wanders the streets, observing people: who they are, what they think, what they want... The way they interact with each other,  the way they blend into the space surrounding them. 

He enjoys long and peaceful hikes in mountains as much as he likes to join the masses during cultural events.

Today his goal is to explore the cities, cultures and faces around the world, however big.

 Inside an abandoned factory.  Utrecht, NETHERLANDS.  2012.

Inside an abandoned factory.